NingXia Red

NingXia RedWhat is NingXia Red?

NingXia Red is a drink that is a proprietary blend of Goji berry (also known as Wolfberry) and other fruit juices that are infused with essential oils and sold by Young Living. You can read more about the ingredients, nutrition content, and more on the company’s product page.

My First Time

I had my first glass of NingXia Red in Fall 2016. My wife had been sent a sample and she shared it with me. My wife told me about all the great ingredients and I gave it a try. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I think she oversold it because my initial reaction was ‘it tastes ok’. The problem was that I was focused on what it tasted like instead of what it could do for me. My wife started drinking it regularly and noticed several benefits, but it was a few months later when I was really sold. When I began my wellness journey I started drinking NingXia Red each morning when I woke up with a large glass of water. After a week of this, I noticed a significant difference in my energy level and I was hooked. An ounce of this each morning was helping me to adjust to eating less as I worked to lose weight.

Health Benefits

There are a number of sites and scientific studies that I have found that reference the health benefits of the Goji berry, main ingredient in NingXia Red:

Young Living also mixes in the following essential oils, each with their own benefits:


The serving size is 1-2oz. I like to keep a shot glass handy to measure 1oz and I drink it all at once. My daughter prefers to mix it with sparkling water and drink it more like a glass of juice. I find that taking a shot of NingXia Red is ALSO a great way to ingest essential oils. I measure a 1oz serving and then add a drop of whatever oil I would like to ingest to the glass. Please don’t try this without careful consideration of the oil you are ingesting and make sure that you have a pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil. Young Living offers the Seed To Seal commitment for their products and sells oils specifically designed and labeled for internal use.


My wife is a distributor for Young Living and would be happy to help you with any questions about the company or the products. If you want to try NingXia Red, you can sign up as a member with Young Living and select the NingXia Kit (under Other Premium Kits). You will get enough NingXia Red in that kit to last you approx. 60 days. If you don’t want that much, you can select Retail when you sign up and just buy the 2 bottle pack. Becoming a member gets you a 24% discount along with lots of other savings, so if you try this at some point you will want to become a member.