iHealth Core Wireless Scale

scaleI was frustrated by the fact that most scales top out at 300 pounds. Since my starting weight was over 340 pounds, I went looking for  a scale that would handle my weight with room to spare. I love analyzing data, so I was also looking for one that would give me additional data. I bought an iHealth Core Wireless Scale and the great thing about it is I get a lot of data plus it stores a history in the cloud.


The scale measures weight and body water. The body water measurement is done through bioelectrical impedance analysis (measuring the resistance to a small electrical current sent through your feet.) Based on this data, the scale calculates or estimates 7 other measurements:

I’ve personally found the results to vary widely from day to day, even when I try to weigh under the same conditions. The website and mobile apps available for viewing the data provide historical charts and also the ability to export the data. While day to day may be highly variable, I feel the trends provide good guidance on how I’m doing. Here is the details available in the iOS app:


The iOS app also shows graphs with trends:




Overall, I am really liking this scale for a number of reasons:

  1. It was easy to setup and, once it is setup, is really easy to use.
  2. I can get on the scale each morning (half asleep still) and not even bother to look. I know I can see the charts and details in my app later that day and the data is stored over time as well.
  3. The upper limit for the scale was 400 pounds, unlike most every other scale I looked at. When you are nearly 350 pounds, stepping on a scale that tops at 300 or even 350 is useless and can sometimes destroy the scale.
  4. It supports 10 users, so my wife can use it as well with her own app.
  5. The app (at least for iOS, I haven’t tried the Android one) is easy to use and has great chart options to see trends for all the data collected.
  6. It shows additional details like body fat, muscle mass, lean mass, and more.

I found this review posted online by a Dr. when looking for data on the scale. I found it to be very detailed and helpful.

If you are looking for a new scale, I definitely recommend the iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale for Apple and Android!