Weight Loss Challenge

I started this blog with a weight loss challenge to myself to get healthy. A challenge to get back in shape, to lose weight, and to identify strategies and techniques that I can use to maintain that healthier lifestyle. As I tackle these challenges I will link to them here as an index.




Challenge #1 – Weight Loss

Challenge #1 – Weight Loss Journey: My first challenge was starting this weight loss journey. I had over 100 pounds to lose. Learn more about where I was when I started and how far I have come with weekly updates.

Challenge #2 – Giving Up Soda

Challenge #2 – Giving Up Soda: The empty calories in soda add up fast and I struggle to control myself. I identified giving up soda as the first thing to give up in getting control back.

Challenge #3 – Exercise Program

Challenge #3 – Exercise Program: Three weeks after I started this journey I felt like I was ready to take on a more regular exercise routine so my challenge was to do ‘two-a-days’ each day for 5 days.

Challenge #4 – 5 Day Cleanse

Challenge #4 – 5 Day Cleanse: I never thought I would do a cleanse, but in the spirit of challenges, why not? My friend Warren at LimeLizard did this cleanse this week and watching how it went for him was extra motivation so I decided to give it a try.

Challenge #5 – Sugar Free Challenge

Challenge #5 – Sugar Free Challenge: Over the holidays I gave in to the craving for sugar too often and I needed a boost to get my weight loss moving again. I decided that 5 days without sugar would be a good challenge.

Challenge #6 – Slique Challenge

Challenge #6 – Slique Challenge: In an effort to reach my personal nutritional goals, I took on a challenge to try incorporating some of the Young Living Slique products in my daily routine: Slique Shake, Slique CitraSlim, Slique Essence, and Slique Bars.

Challenge #7 – 5 Day Cleanse Round 2

Challenge #7 – 5 Day Cleanse Round 2: I never thought I would do a cleanse, and now I’m doing a second one. Looking back over the first 6 months of my journey, I believe that the cleanse was crucial in learning how to deal with emotional issues with food.

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