About Me

About Me

I am a devoted husband, proud father of two beautiful girls, and a lifelong technologist. I love to travel and see all of God’s great creation. In 2013 my wife began using essential oils for an issue she was facing and it changed her life. Over time, they have changed my life as well. I share stories of how they have changed my life including my wellness journey that began in 2016 and the new career I started in 2017.

Essential Oils

When my wife initially started using essential oils, I was a giant skeptic. I even called them ‘snake oil’ (sorry honey). I was converted when I started having headaches in the afternoons and she suggested I use some Peppermint Oil. My headaches were gone instantly and over time I had them less frequently. I recently cleaned out our medicine cabinet and threw away a lot of expired stuff in there and I realized I haven’t used any of that stuff in years.

Wellness Journey

In 2016 I was morbidly obese and becoming more unhealthy year after year. After my wife showed me a few essential oils I could use to help me with stress and food cravings, I decided that I had to make a change in the trajectory of my health. Over the years I had tried diets and I knew that I did not want another diet. I needed something different – I needed a permanent lifestyle change. There were two specific things that happened that led me to believe that I could tackle this weight loss challenge with essential oils:

  1. Stress. I was having serious problems with stress. My wife gave me an oil called Stress Away that really helped and I started using it daily. Recently, I had what I believe was a panic attack – anxiety like I had never felt before. She gave me some Frankincense and it seemed to immediately help me feel more calm. You see, one of my biggest problems with my diet is stress eating. When I would get stressed I would make very poor nutritional choices. With a different way to handle stress, I no longer needed to use food in that way.
  2. Snacking. Another big problem I personally face is snacking. It is not uncommon for me to grab a bag of chips and finish the entire bag while watching a football game. My wife introduced me to Ningxia Red and Grapefruit Oil. After an ounce of this juice with a drop of grapefruit (and maybe some Lemon or Peppermint as well), I no longer have food cravings plus it tastes really good (and has lots antioxidants as well.)

Career Change

By early 2017, my wife had left her job to focus full time on the growing business she had selling essential oils. She never set out to sell them, but rather just told everyone she met about how they helped her personally. With her business growing and doing well, I was able to leave my corporate job of 17 years to pursue a dream of running my own business. My background was in software development and I love to build mobile apps. When I was on a trip with my wife (as her ‘plus 1’ at an essential oil retreat), we identified some much needed apps and I started building them. As a result, Simply Mobile Group was born.

Follow Me

Now you know what inspired me to get started and where the name of the blog comes from. If you would like to know more about my education and work history, here is my LinkedIn profile. You can also follow me on Google+ and Facebook.