Nine months ago I started this blog with an admission. I admitted that I was overweight and committed that I was going to do something about it. I have chronicled my journey here and am proud of what I have learned and accomplished in losing over 90 pounds. Today I am making another admission – I have never liked cooking. As a husband, I will add that I have spent the last 20+ years relying on my wife to do all the cooking and that is not fair to her. I am going to commit to change that.

My youngest daughter’s name is Emily. She is currently 11 and she loves to cook. Mostly she bakes really yummy things that I love to eat. I am going to team up with her and we will be cooking at least one meal each week for family dinners. I will share about the process here and what I learn as I explore cooking. I know everyone reading this knows more about cooking than I do, so please don’t judge.  🙂

I’m mostly excited by technology, so this Bluetooth-enabled Instant Pot we added to our kitchen earlier this year will be a core part of my cooking experimentation. It has an app for my smart phone that lets you start, stop, and monitor it while cooking. If you have any great (and beginner level) Instant Pot recipes, let me know.

Instant Pot