After 4 weeks on this journey, I had lost one pants size and had to start rummaging through old clothes I had set aside as I gained weight. It felt great to see the results so visibly and move down into smaller clothes. After I ran out of old clothes to fall back into, dropping another size meant a trip to the store to buy new clothes. This weekend I had to do that again as my pants were not staying up any longer. I had been making extensive use of belts on my size 40 pants, so I was expecting to move down to size 38, but was excited to see that a size 36 now fits! I started at a 46, so that means I have moved down 10 sizes in less than 8 months. When I was at my fittest in college I wore a size 34 pant, so this is pretty exciting as I am getting really close to my goals.

Size 36

My Plan

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can review My Health Plan where I list 5 steps to getting started. The last step is to identify the low hanging fruit – find the one thing that will have the biggest impact if you change. For me, that one thing was giving up soda, and I am now on day 229 without soda. It may be something different for you – a favorite snack, fast food, dessert. Ask yourself what is the one thing that causes you to consume unnecessary calories the most. If you aren’t sure, ask those who know you best.

The one thing you will notice in my plan is that there are no meal restrictions. This is not about a diet, this is about a lifestyle change for me. I still eat the same foods I ate before on occasion. I don’t eat any foods I do not like. If you address the areas where you have weaknesses with food, then everything else

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