I feel like I have been struggling with too much sugar in my diet. This week I am going to do a 5 day, no added sugar challenge to try to get back on track. I’ll keep track of everything I eat and post it for reference and see what happens on the scale after 5 days.

We watched the films Fed Up and That Sugar Film as a family and they were eye-opening. Sugar is addictive and in a LOT more products than you would expect. Over the next 5 days, I’m going to give up sugar entirely. The only sugar allowed will be naturally occurring sugar from fruits and vegetables.

The website for the documentary Fed Up has a good list of additional resources and I highly recommend watching one or both of the films. They encourage doing this for 10 days, so maybe I can keep it going. They have links to a lot of additional research on sugar as well as recipe suggestions and more.

The first day I will be traveling back from a Christmas vacation which could pose an additional challenge. In addition to an international flight, we will be driving 12-14 hours. Not the easiest scenario to avoid sugars.


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