I’ve reached the final day of my Sugar-Free Challenge. As I said in this morning’s post, I have lost 12.2 pounds in the last week. Tomorrow I will post my results for just the 5 days of the Sugar-Free Challenge, but needless to say this has been very helpful in getting me back on track.


At breakfast today I had 2 oz. of NingXia Red.

  • 40 Calories
  • 0g Protein
  • 0g Fat
  • 10g Carbohydrate
  • 4g Sugar (NO added sugar)


Lunch was this salad and a bowl of chili. The chili was a ground turkey and bean chili with nothing added. I had water and another 1 oz. of NingXia Red to drink.

  • 730 Calories
  • 72g Protein
  • 29g Fat
  • 53g Carbohydrate
  • 24g Sugar (NO added sugar)


Raspberry CakeWe had a special occasion that my wife had made me my favorite meal and favorite dessert. I decided to call the Sugar-Free Challenge over and enjoy the meal. In addition to this beautiful cake that she made me, she made chicken casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, and peas. Yes, I had a piece of the cake and it was delicious.

  • 2,190 Calories
  • 56 Protein
  • 52g Fat
  • 194g Carbohydrate
  • 55g Sugar (~41g of added sugar in my piece of cake)


This challenge was just what I needed this week. Even though I cheated and had a big piece of chocolate cake tonight, it really did feel like a celebration. That is what sugar should be used for – an infrequent celebration. It should not be the daily or every meal routine that I had let it become. This was a great reminder of that and I found several techniques this week to help me make choices instead of highly processed foods with added sugars.

My totals for the day ended at:

  • 2,190 calories
  • 128g Protein (23%)
  • 82g Fat (34%)
  • 259g Carbohydrate (47%)


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