Slique ShakeLast week I started a Slique Challenge. My goal in this challenge is to incorporate 4 of the Slique products as a regular part of my diet to provide support in achieving a more consistent level of daily nutrition. In addition, I started a food diary and began a regular weightlifting program. In the last week, I have lost 0.6 pounds, averaging 2,300 calories per day with a breakdown of 40% carbohydrates, 39% fat, and 20% protein. This is a lot closer to my nutritional goals than I was doing in previous weeks, so I’m very happy with the progress.

Overall Nutrition Goals

Last week I mentioned that my overall nutrition goals were to eat around 2,000 calories per day with a mix of 40-50% carbohydrates, 25-35% protein, and 20-30% fat. Some of you have asked how I came up with these goals.


When I started my journey I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I ate unhealthy food in unhealthy quantities for all the wrong reasons (stress, emotions, etc.) I was not tracking my meals back then, but I’ve done some estimation from what I know I would typically eat that would put my typical daily calories consumed between 3,500 – 4,000.

The USDA Food Patterns website has a chart on estimated calories needed by age, sex, and activity level. My iHealth Core wireless scale includes a measure called Daily Caloric Intake (DCI) that is an estimation of the calories your body requires. For me, there was a bit of discrepancy when I began between the two. The USDA site put me at 2,200 while my scale listed me at 3,799. I have since found a research-based model called the Mifflin-St Jeor equation. You can use this handy calculator to look up your own calorie needs here. At my starting point, this would have put me at 3,038 calories which seems more accurate to me.

Ok, so now you have the calories your body needs to maintain your current weight, but if you are like me and need to lose weight, then you need to consume fewer calories than that number each day. The general guideline is to reduce by 500 calories per day. The handy calculator I posted above will show you a little more accurate number, as well as a ‘lose weight fast’ number. If you target to be somewhere in between those two then you should lose weight. Our bodies are much more complicated than that and exercise, metabolism, and timing all comes into play as well, but it is a good target.

Dieting gets a bad rap due to all the fad diets that are out there. In my case, just cutting out soda and sweet tea reduced my daily calories by over 500 per day. That one change alone would have been the difference in continuing to gain weight vs. losing weight slowly over time.

Nutrient Mix

After you figure out your goal for calories, you need to think about what kind of calories you are going to eat. There are a lot of different diet suggestions out there. Here is an infographic reviewing many of the common ones. What you select should be based on your own personal health situation and you should consult with your doctor or nutritionist for advice. The National Academy of Science has a very detailed (1,000+ pages) dietary reference available where they listed ranges for adults of 45-65% carbohydrates, 20-35% fat, and 10-35% protein.

My personal goals reflect my own personal experience that I do better with a lower carb / higher protein diet. I think the most important thing is to find foods that you can easily get access to (i.e. something you can make at home or that is available at restaurants where you often eat.) If you can’t easily maintain the changes you make then you just won’t do it. I also think it is important to eat foods that are not processed as much as possible. I personally love peas and am happy to eat them raw as a snack. A change I made is regularly keeping peas available in the fridge so I have a good choice to make that I enjoy.

Slique Shake Review

I’m really liking the Slique Shake – it has been my breakfast every day this week. It has 190 calories, 16 grams of protein, tons of vitamins, it tastes good, and it is easy to mix – no blender needed. The packaging is a handy single serving pouch that is easy to open and easy to take with you. One morning I didn’t have time to make it before I had to head out and I was able to grab a glass of water and a packet for the car. I was able to mix it and drink it while in the car with no mess. Very handy.

The flavor is listed as Berry Breeze and it does have a slight berry flavor. It is definitely better tasting than any other shakes I have tried. It isn’t the same as a berry smoothie, but you also don’t feel like you need to hold your breath and drink it fast. I make mine with just water, but they suggest almond milk for taste.

A little over $3 for a quick, easy, healthy meal.

Slique CitraSlim Review

For some reason, I have had trouble remembering to take the afternoon portion of the Slique CitraSlim. I’m getting better at remembering, but I have several days worth of just the afternoon that I need to take. In terms of the actual product, taking it is much like taking a vitamin. If I don’t drink enough water with it there is a bit of an aftertaste (not a bad taste – a fruity one). I make sure to drink a large glass of water after taking them and it isn’t a problem. The research study noted that a reduced appetite and increased energy was a benefit of this product and I can definitely say that I noticed a higher level of energy and had a reduced appetite over the last week.

Slique Essence Review

 Adding the Slique Essence to my NingXia Red in the evening is easy and gives it a nice flavor.

Slique Bar Review

The Slique Bar is a very tasty bar that I would say is similar to a granola bar. It has a much more fruity taste than your typical granola bar but also has the nutty crunch. Several times this week I have thrown one of these in my bag to have in between meals and was very glad I had it. I still also keep on hand the tasty trio of Larabar Apple Pie, Lemon Bar, and Coconut Cream Pie, but the Slique Bars are higher in protein and fiber wfewerless carbohydrates and sugars (even if it is natural sugar it is still sugar.)

Slique in 60 Reminder

YoungLiving offers a Slique in 60 pledge that if you try the products for 60 days and don’t see results, they will give you your money back. There is also a Slique in 60 Challenge going on for the first half of 2017. If you sign up for the challenge and track your measurements and weight loss, then you can be eligible for some pretty nice prizes. The first 60 day contest has already started, but another one will be starting March 13, 2017.

If you are looking to try any of these products, sign up as a member and select the NingXia Kit (under Other Premium Kits). You will get enough NingXia Red in that kit to last you approx. 60 days. Then just click Add More Products and pick out one of the Slique kits (like Slique Complete or Slique Advanced). Feel free to contact me with any questions and I can put you in touch with my wife. She would be happy to walk you through placing the order.

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