GymI know that the beginning of the year is the worst time of the year to join a gym, but I have outgrown the equipment I have at home for weight lifting. I researched buying equipment and my wife suggested I check out our local YMCA gym. They have an amazing facility with lots of cardio equipment as well as free weights and dumbbells and a heated indoor pool.

Strength Training Program

With the addition of a drive and a shared facility to my workout, I want to make sure I have a clear plan in place before I get to the gym. I also wanted an app for my phone to track my progress (i.e. weight used and reps). As I searched through a bunch of apps out there, I found this one called Strongur that had a great interface, some solid science behind the suggestions, and all the logging I was looking for. After I filled out the initial setup questions, it suggested I start with the Big Six routine.

So far, I really like this app. After I use it for a while I’ll do a full review.

My plan is to do weight lifting 3 days a week (the Big Six routine) and 2-3 days a week I will continue to do bodyweight / Tabata routines. Building muscle increases your metabolism so this should also keep my weight loss going.

Current Max

One of the first things I did was establish my current one rep max for the 3 main lifts – Bench Press, Dead Lift, and Squat. Here are my starting lifts as of this week:

  • Bench Press – 135 pounds
  • Dead Lift – 150 pounds
  • Squat – 285 pounds

According to the Big Six page, that puts me in the slightly below average, untrained category. The last time I was in a gym doing these lifts was probably 20 years ago, so that sounds about right. I don’t recall the actual numbers, but they were a lot higher than these.