I started my journey 9 weeks ago today and after gaining 1.6 pounds last week, I re-focused this week and made sure to watch my sugar intake and extra calories. As a result, I lost 5.1 pounds this week, and I did it even though I had pizza for lunch 5 times and only got in two real workouts.

Watching What I Eat

After last week’s surprise on the scale, I paid close attention to my weight each day. Measurement is a critical part of this process. I know that some say you should not watch the scale, but for me having a gauge of progress is important. I think that having additional data beyond just your weight is important and that is why I use my iHealth Core wireless scale to get a number of different measures. My low over the last two weeks was actually on Dec. 7 when I hit 303.7. My weigh in on last Friday was up even more based on that low and it actually jumped further to a high of 312.6 on Dec. 11 before it started coming back down. Since I weighed in at 302 today, that means a swing of over 10 pounds in 5 days.

In the title, I mentioned that I had pizza for lunch 5 days this week. So how did I manage to lose ten pounds doing that? First off I have to say that I love pizza. One of the theories I had in starting this is that I have to find ways to make this work long term – it can’t be dieting in ways that I cannot sustain. To me, that means I have to be able to have food like pizza from time to time. The way I made it work this week was by watching the total calories I ate and the proportion of types of food. One night for dinner I literally had a plate of green beans and peas to adjust for the fact that I had 3 slices of pizza that day for lunch. Another day, I only had one slice of cheese pizza and a large salad with veggies and chicken. By focusing on the overall calories I was eating, making sure that I was getting more vegetables, and avoiding the sugar cravings with Ningxia Red, I was able to keep my total intake for the day at healthy levels.

Working Out

As I said above, I only got in two workouts this week. I’m frustrated with that and I have to get into a rhythm with my schedule where I can get more workouts in. That said, several nights I did do the Moov Now Cardio Boxing (which I have moved beyond calling a workout.) I believe that I’m starting to see some results in muscle growth (I’m definitely feeling stronger and able to do more cardio) so I think that is resulting in an increased metabolism. Over the next two weeks, I plan to increase this even more and I may even do some two-a-days again. That 50-pound mark and the 300-pound mark is tantalizingly close and is good inspiration.

Weigh In

I weighed in today at 302.0 pounds, down 5.1 pounds from last week. Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale today with comparisons to where I started:

Category Started At Today Total Change Goal
Weight 343.2 lbs 302.0 lbs  -41.2 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 43.1 38.0 -5.1 <25 
Body Fat 37.0% 36.1% -0.9% <25%
Lean Mass 216.2 lbs


192.9 lbs


-23.3 lbs

+ 0.9%

 76%-82% of weight
Body Water  41.6% 44.2% +2.6% 37%-63% of weight
Muscle Mass 201.0 lbs


180.7 lbs


-20.3 lbs


 >35% of weight
DCI 3799 kcal 3405 kcal -394 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 10.3 lbs 9.2 lbs -1.1 lbs n/a
VFR 20 18 -2 <12 


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