This last week has been a challenging one. A birthday party, work event, and several days of disrupted schedule compounded into my first week of gaining weight since I started my journey. I gained 1.6 pounds this week, but given the challenges, I’m ok with that result especially since I know I did not keep my exercise program at the same level this week. Next week I need to make sure to get more high-intensity sessions in. I also know I need to try skipping the desserts, but I did stick to the rules I laid out in My Plan and am proud to say that I am on day 56 with no soda.

Annual Physical

I had a visit to the doctor this week for a physical and had blood work done. I was very excited to compare my results after nearly 8 weeks on this journey to my results from last year. My cholesterol was not high last year, but my triglycerides count was. This year, my cholesterol stayed the same but my triglycerides reading came down from a very high 246 to 161 (normal is <150 so almost there). It is nice to get good news at a doctor visit.

Weigh In

I weighed in today at 307.1 pounds, slightly up from last week. Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale today with comparisons to where I started:

Category Started At Today Total Change Goal
Weight 343.2 lbs 307.1 lbs  -36.1 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 43.1 38.6 -4.5 <25 
Body Fat 37.0% 33.3% -3.7% <25%
Lean Mass 216.2 lbs


204.8 lbs


-11.4 lbs

+ 3.7%

 76%-82% of weight
Body Water  41.6% 44.7% +3.1% 37%-63% of weight
Muscle Mass 201.0 lbs


192.4 lbs


-8.6 lbs


 >35% of weight
DCI 3799 kcal 3465 kcal -334 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 10.3 lbs 9.9 lbs -0.4 lbs n/a
VFR 20 17 -3 <12 

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