squatsThis morning I did a Tabata ‘inspired’ workout consisting of 4 reps of these 4 exercises:

  1. Bench Press
  2. Squats
  3. Military Press
  4. Wrist Roller

I did a warm up with a basketball shoot-around and some dribbling practice. Once I was breathing hard, I got into the workout. With the Tabata-style, the 4 exercises took 10:20. I don’t know why I chose these 4, but I will be picking more cardio-style for this tomorrow. The first two went well, but the last two were tougher from a strength standpoint and not cardio. I added 2 x 45-second sprints up our driveway to the end. Overall, I like the pacing of this style and just need to pick some different exercises to keep my heart rate up.

The wrist roller is a forearm exercise that I have done since high school. It is great for hand strength and I made my own out of spare cord and a spare PVC pipe with a 5-pound weight tied on.

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