dadToday is the end of the 6th week since I started my journey and yesterday was Thanksgiving. My wife and daughters worked very hard to put together a beautiful table, great decorations, and an amazing meal. This has been a great reminder to me of who I am doing this for and what they do for me.

Giving Thanks

give-thanksIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks for my wonderful wife and daughters. They created amazing decorations, a wonderful meal, and facilitated fun games for us to play as a group. Spending time with them is what it is all about. There is lots of research on the impact of extreme obesity on life expectancy. I found a website that estimates how long you have to live given your BMI. This website is purely for entertainment, but the statistics they use to derive the estimate are based on numbers from the World Health Organization. I plugged in the data from 6 weeks ago and then the numbers from today. Based on a comparison of the two, I have given myself an extra 6 years, 9 months, and 20 days to my life. Now that is something to be thankful for!

Weigh In

I have been feeling a little under the weather this week and I have not been able to physically work as hard as I would like in my exercises. Combined with that, yesterday was Thanksgiving – a day we celebrate with a big meal. As a result, I was worried about today’s weigh in. I weighed in today at 310.8 pounds. Here are all the additional details from my iHealth Core wireless scale:

Category Started At Today Total Change Goal
Weight 343.2 lbs 310.8 lbs -32.4 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 43.1 39.1 -4.0 <25 
Body Fat 37.0% 33.9% -3.1% <25%
Lean Mass 216.2 lbs


205.4 lbs




76%-82% of weight
Body Water  41.6% 44.3% +2.7% 37%-63% of weight
Muscle Mass 201.0 lbs


192.4 lbs.




 >35% of weight
DCI 3799 kcal 3497 kcal -302 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 10.3 lbs 9.9 lbs -0.4 lbs n/a
VFR 20 17 -3 <12 

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Weigh In




I weighed in at 310.8 pounds, down 7.1 pounds this week and a total of 32.4 pounds overall! Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale today with comparisons to where I started: