week-3This week I lost 1.1 pounds.¬†My weight loss is still going in the right direction, and I have lost a total of 15.2 pounds. I’m finding that my pants are a little loose and I am able to do more each week with my physical activity. This image is from the app that connects to the scale I’m using and shows some of the extra data I get with it. In addition to the weight, I have taken 1.9 points off my BMI and have lost 1.4% body fat. I’m not sure what the margins are for the extra data, but it shows I have also lost 4.8 pounds of lean mass and 5.3 pounds of muscle mass – that is something I need to keep an eye on, so I’m really glad to have this data. In fact, now that I have written this, I’m going to go out and hit the weights today! Motivation… ūüôā

All this data is really something I like having. I mentioned that I got a new scale in my Day 1 post. Overall, I am really liking this scale for a number of reasons:

  1. It was easy to setup and, once it is setup, is really easy to use.
  2. I can get on the scale each morning (half asleep still) and not even bother to look. I know I can see the charts and details in my app later that day and the data is stored over time as well.
  3. The upper limit for the scale was 400 pounds, unlike most every other scale I looked at. When you are nearly 350 pounds, stepping on a scale that tops at 300 or even 350 is useless and can sometimes destroy the scale.
  4. It supports 10 users, so my wife can use it as well with her own app.
  5. The app (at least for iOS, I haven’t tried the Android one) is easy to use and has great chart options to see trends for all the data collected.

If you are looking for a new scale, I definitely recommend it!


Weigh In

I weighed in today at  pounds. Here are all the additional details from my iHealth Core wireless scale:

Category Started At Today Total Change Goal
Weight 343.2 lbs 328.0 lbs -15.2 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 43.1 41.2 -1.9 <25 
Body Fat 37.0% 35.6% -1.4% <25%
Lean Mass 216.2 lbs


211.2 lbs




76%-82% of weight
Body Water  41.6% 42.9% +1.3% 37%-63% of weight
Muscle Mass 201.0 lbs


195.7 lbs.




 >35% of weight
DCI 3799 kcal 3657 kcal -142 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 10.3 lbs 10.1 lbs -0.2 lbs n/a
VFR 20 19 -1 <12 

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