I VotedToday is election day in America and I am proud to have the opportunity and freedom to do my part in selecting the future leaders of this country. When I started this blog I did so because I was making another vote – one for my own health. Yesterday, I committed to two workouts in Tabata and Two-a-Days and even though my second workout was not something I was looking forward to, I made it through. A friend reached out to me who has some experience with Tabatas and suggested I do fewer exercises and go ahead and do the 8 sets, so today I did that (thanks for the suggestion Kitren!) I dropped down to 3 exercises at 8 reps which works out to 13 and a half minutes (plus I did a 5 minute warm-up.) Today, I chose these exercises:

  1. Burpees
  2. Butt Kicks
  3. Overhead Squats

I chose these from one of the sites I linked to yesterday with two minor modifications for my current ability. I did beginner push-ups in my Burpees and I added the overhead to my squats (no weight yet though, just holding my arms overhead.) This workout was very effective. This was the most tired I have been after only 14 minutes of an exercise. I’m going to stick with this format – 3 exercises and 8 reps (Tabata is 20 seconds on 10 seconds off with 1 minute of rest in between). I’ll stick with this for the rest of the week and rotate different exercises.

My second workout of the day was another round of Cardio Boxing with Moov Now. I moved up one level as I was able to keep up yesterday. This was 14 minutes and I got in almost 3x the number of punches. Definitely, a lot more sweating and I struggle with a few of the combinations, but in comparison to the Burpees this morning nowhere near as hard. I look forward to doing the boxing each day 🙂

The winner of our election is not something I can control – I only get 1 vote, but I can control by diet and exercise. It is entirely my choice what I do next and I plan to take charge of my health. I’m going to go watch the returns from our national election come in and pray that our country will come together and move forward as well.


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