5 day cleanseMy wife has been suggesting that I do a cleanse for years, but I never really took it seriously. To be honest, a cleanse just did not seem like something men did. The day I decided to embark on this journey we were in Utah at the Young Living farm. While we were there I met a man who shared his experiences doing the Young Living 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse and it sounded pretty awesome. Since I was starting on a journey toward getting healthy again, I thought I would look into it.


I read through many blog posts of people who had gone through the Young Living 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse and their stories were very interesting. I read about cleanses and detoxification in general and how it can be helpful. I also read all the links I could find about how they are not useful and even dangerous. Ultimately, I decided that for me it was something I wanted to do. My friend Warren that I mentioned actually started one this week and posted videos, so watching how he went through it was extra motivation.Before embarking on any big change to your diet, you should seek the advice of your healthcare professional.

Note: Before embarking on any change to your diet, you should seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professional.


I was not able to get the Balance Complete (it was out of stock), so I made a substitution for the Pure Protein Complete Vanilla Spice Shake. This will be the main focus of my diet for the next 5 days and it contains 160 calories with 25g of protein that I get to have 3 meals a day. I will also be doing the Digest + Cleanse™ supplement 3 times a day along with 2-4 oz. of Ningxia Red. In between meals, there is an option to have some fresh fruit or fresh veggies, so if I am starving I may add in some of that. Since the Pure Protein shake is not a meal replacement like the Balance Complete and is missing some of the vitamins, I will be taking a vitamin supplement as well.

I’ll post here with details each day about how it is going.


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