chest-and-armNo, the picture is not of me. 🙂

On Monday of this week, I took on a challenge to spend 5 days doing two different workouts each day. The impetus for this was when I noticed my Week 3 Results that, while I had lost 15.2 pounds total, I had also lost 4.8 pounds of lean mass and 5.3 pounds of muscle mass. I want to make sure that I am not losing muscle as I lose weight, so I started this challenge. Now that the challenge is over, I have the data from my iHealth Core wireless scale to compare my results.


Before my first workout:

Weight = 326.9

Lean Mass = 206.1

Muscle Mass = 191.3


After my final workout:

Weight = 325.8

Lean Mass = 229.8

Muscle Mass = 213.8


In just 5 days, I reduced my total weight by 1.1 pounds, and increased my lean mass by 23.7 pounds and my muscle mass by 22.5 pounds! While it would be awesome if this were really the case, these results really don’t sound right to me. I know that these scales are never 100% accurate or consistent, so I took all of the data from the app and plotted it. I also looked up from the manufacturer’s website the accuracy tolerances and added those into the chart. Here is what it looks like:


lean-mass muscle-mass weight

The results are really inconsistent day to day. Even my weight is pretty inconsistent – I really wasn’t starving myself on that last day. Even if you smooth out the data based on the +/- 1% accuracy, it still doesn’t really make sense. I just don’t believe this is really accurate to within +/- 1%. However, the slope of each line IS going in the right direction. The iHealth app keeps all the data and plots a trend, so here is what it lists for the month:



I think it is safe to conclude that I DID manage to lose some weight this week while gaining some muscle. Hopefully, the additional muscle mass will get my metabolism going and continue to melt away the pounds. I’ll continue to keep an eye on the trend over time. I will definitely be working the exercises I learned this week into my normal routine and keeping this going long term!


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