weightliftingOver the last 3 weeks, I have been slowly increasing my exercising to the point where last week I did 4 x 30-minute sessions. My workouts have been mostly light weight, high repetition exercises focused on getting my heart rate going and staying active for the whole time and have been done with body weight exercises or dumbbells. My challenge this week will be to tackle a more intense, structured cardio exercise program and to do it twice a day.

Given my current cardio capacity, I have been focused on using body weight exercises and I plan to expand on that theme. No equipment is required and you can do both cardio and strength training (at least at my body weight it is strength training.) Here are some good sites I found with suggestions for simple body weight exercises that are easy to do at home:





I was doing some research online to find a timer to use so I could be more consistent and also be able to compare my routines from day to day and I came across something called Tabata. I was not familiar with it, so I had to go look up what it is. If you haven’t heard about Tabata yet, it is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) based on some scientific research done in Japan with Olympians. Here are more details on the original study:


The way this works is that you do an exercise for 20 seconds at high intensity and then take 10 seconds rest. You repeat that 8 times and then get 1 minute of rest before moving to the next exercise. This concept really appeals to me, so I’m going to give it a try this week with a commitment to do all 5 days. I will be doing 4 reps instead of 8 (easing into this) and I will pick 4 different exercises each day this week. That totals out to just over a 10-minute workout. If all goes well, I will repeat next week with the full 8 reps. (Note: On day 2, I switched to 3 exercises at the full 8 reps and am glad I did.)

Part 2

Ok, so that covers Tabata, but my headline also said “Two-a-Days”. As I mentioned two weeks ago, my wife challenged me to see who could lose 50 pounds first and last week my progress was not where I want it to be so I’m going to take a page out of my training back in college (my Spring Break was SO much fun) and do two exercise sessions per day this week (hopefully one in the morning and one in the evening.) I have a pair of Moov Now fitness trackers and I really enjoy using them with the boxing trainer. It is a great cardio workout that I was doing regularly at the beginning of this year and really want to start up again. The Moov straps and the companion app make it fun and really push me (I’ve never boxed before and it walks you through how to do it and reminds you when your form is slipping.) I haven’t experimented with the other exercise types  (it includes a running coach, cycling, swimming, and body weight exercises) but will be looking to incorporate those as well. I highly recommend the Moov – I love mine.

I have a feeling I’m going to be using a LOT of Deep Relief this week. Wish me luck!


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