mealsA lot of people have asked me about what I’m eating. When I laid out My Plan, I listed 3 key points under the heading of “Eat More Real Food”, but I wasn’t real specific. Here are the 3 points:

  1. Eliminate sugary drinks. I plan to give up soda and sweet tea entirely.
  2. Add in more fruits and vegetables. My diet consists of way too much highly processed food. I love fruits and vegetables so there is no reason that I don’t eat them more often.
  3. Avoid bread before meals. I’m not going to completely eliminate bread, but I will avoid it in the bread basket before a meal.
On point #1, I have made it 33 days without drinking any sugary drinks. I added a counter to the bottom of My Plan to keep track and I am very proud of this accomplishment.
On point #3, I have avoided bread when not part of a meal but I have eaten quite a lot of bread as part of meals (like as a sandwich). I know that if I can eventually get to a point where I don’t want bread or at least limit my intake of enriched white bread and replace with whole grain bread that it will help a lot. When I did the South Beach diet, I did two weeks with no bread at all and it was tremendously effective. I also know that I love bread, so I’m taking this one slow. For me, having a plan that feels achievable is a whole lot more important than just losing the weight. I’ve done that and it just comes back.


Point #2 is what the main subject of this post. I am eating more fruits and vegetables, but what is ‘more’? Today, I followed my plan and had only water and Ningxia Red for breakfast. For lunch, I had Chick-Fil-A with my daughter and I chose the Southwest Chicken Salad with Creamy Salsa dressing. Around 3:00 I had another Ningxia Red and drank more water. For dinner, my wife made mashed potatoes, peas, and Swedish meatballs (and I had two plates with the second being about the same amount as the one pictured.) In addition, I had two snack size candy bars after dinner (2 Reese’s Cups) that were left over from Halloween. I have a sweet tooth and that should probably be on the list as well. So far I have tried to curb any candy/dessert choices rather than eliminate them. When I say I have water – I have a large 32 oz. cup that I keep full and I drink throughout the day. When I have my Ningxia Red, I usually finish one of them. Over the course of the day I have 6-8 (so ~200 oz water.) This is pretty typical of the choices I have been making over the last 4+ weeks. I’m trying to make better choices, but I am eating the foods I want and I am eating until I am full. I find that ‘full’ comes a lot earlier than it did in the past, so that is helping from a portion standpoint as well. I have lost over 17 pounds so far and am looking forward to pushing to new heights in coming weeks.
Another question I get quite often is ‘why only two meals’? I don’t like eating breakfast and I find that having my Ningxia Red instead in the morning, along with a large glass or two of water, keeps me from having cravings until I get to lunch. Sugar (and the insulin impact) has a big impact on my cravings and it may not be the same for you. The way I am identifying my plan, and what is working or not for me, is by tackling short challenges. Follow my weekly progress and the challenges that I take on from my Challenges page.

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