moov-boxingToday was a long day and I wasn’t able to think about getting to my second workout until around 9:30. To be honest, I wanted to just skip it. I was thinking about what I would post as my excuse and I thought back to all the positive, encouraging messages I received today and instead, I had a Ningxia Red and went to work. My plan for my second workout each day this week is to use my Moov Now Fitness Tracker and their Cardio Boxing app. If you are not familiar with the Moov, you should have a look at their video on their web site:

You can think of this like a FitBit, but it is designed to really only be worn while working out and it is best used (in my opinion) with the companion app ‘coach’. I have a pair of these (one for each wrist) and really love the Cardio Boxing workout. The device itself is a small plastic disc that you put inside a flexible wrist strap (they also give you a larger one to use as an ankle strap). The Moov connects to the app via Bluetooth and provides real-time data on motion, force, etc. All the same sensor data you likely have in many other devices, but what is different is the great app they provide that uses that data in real time.


The Cardio Boxing exercise requires two devices – one on each wrist – to operate. Once you have them on, you hit start and get the option to pick your level. There is a practice level that explains the 4 punches you use – Jab, Cross, Hook, and Uppercut. I’m still on level one (I’m new to boxing) and at least for this level, you start with 5 stages. Each stage is a few minutes long with a 30-second rest in between. During the stage, you have a stance guide that tells you whether to stand left foot forward or right foot forward. There are two circles that represent your fists and a symbol will float down indicating the type of punch to make as it is centered in the circle. You get points for timing, but the sensors are also checking in on speed, power, and quickness. It is a lot like a Guitar Hero or a Dance Dance Revolution and I find it entertaining. 12-14 minutes later I’m through 5 levels and sweating pretty good. You can continue on making the exercise as long as you want.

Exercise #2 of the day and the week is in the books and I’m ready for tomorrow. The endorphins from exercise sure are nice – additional mood lifting positivity is always good


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