tabata-timerFor the final day of my challenge, I decided to choose the exercises that I found the most challenging from the week and do them all together. I also chose to move up to 4 exercises instead of just 3 which gives me a total time of 18:20. I fully expected going into this that I was going to be exhausted halfway through and unable to finish, but that didn’t happen. It was hard and I definitely struggled with the Jumping Jacks but I did get through it and I felt like it was a great workout. It is a great feeling to challenge yourself and then be able to succeed!

I wrapped up with another round of Cardio Boxing on the Moov Now. I went back to the middle (Semi-Pro) level and got in 15 minutes (6 rounds) with a record number of punches landed at 1,442. I really enjoy this workout and plan to keep doing this regularly.

The picture above is from the timer app that I have been using this week with my Tabatas. It is called Seconds Pro by Runloop. It has most of the features I was looking for and after trying several other timer apps was definitely my favorite. With the free version, you cannot save your workouts so you really have to pay for the Pro version, which is currently $4.99 in the app store. You really need a good timer to keep you on track with the 20s on 10s off format.

The features that I like are:

  • Ability to setup my own exercises and have the names read out when they start
  • It allows you to have music playing and if you want you can have it lower the volume when it is speaking the time or next set (called Duck Volume in the settings)
  • There is a 3-second warning as the 20s comes to and end and also for your rest periods
  • Easy to read display that is configurable

A couple of things I don’t like:

  • I wish there was an upcoming announcement to tell you at the beginning of the rest period what exercise is next (useful when you need a different weight or need to move to a different station)
  • The built-in audio support does not work with Apple Music so I had to go to music and start my playlist then go back to the app

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