I am not much of a cook, so my share of meals involves more around cleaning up. Thankfully, essential oils help make this job much easier.

We have a dishwasher, so the most painful part is always cleaning the pots and pans – especially our stainless steel pan when it gets like this:


Or at least it used to be a challenge. After an hour of soaking in dish soap and water and a little bit of scrubbing, this is what that pan looked like this morning:


I don’t have to do that anymore though ever since my wife got hooked on Essential Oils – specifically Thieves. Young Living sells a pre-blended concentrate specifically for cleaning called Thieves Household Cleaner. After letting that pan soak for an hour and seeing that the scrub brush had no real impact, I poured a capful of the Thieves cleaner in the pan and let it sit for 5 minutes while I loaded the dishwasher. After 5 minutes, I scrubbed the pan for no more than 30 seconds and it looked like this:


If you haven’t heard of Thieves before, there is a really interesting story behind it.