My challenge this week is to complete a 5 day cleanse. Today was the day after – my final weigh in and a bit of reflection. I lost a total of 13.5 pounds. An update on my Cold – I still have quite a bad cough, but I feel much better today.

Eating After the Cleanse

I mentioned several times during the cleanse that I didn’t feel hungry, didn’t really want food, and felt like I was becoming much more sensitive to sugar and salt. As a result, I was worried about how the first day back would go. I woke up and had a shot of Ningxia Red as I was doing the cleanse, but before long I was feeling hungry. To me, that was a good sign…

Breakfast – The first thing I had was a banana and a tangerine. I knew those would be good ways to ease back in to eating and they are also healthy.


After having those I was still feeling hungry, so I warmed myself the rest of the vegetable soup from yesterday and had some slices of chicken with a multi-grain cracker. I didn’t have any trouble getting any of it down and it tasted pretty good.

Lunch – For lunch, we went to a local restaurant with some friends. I ordered a spicy chicken caesar salad that came with black beans and corn. The salad was drenched in dressing, so much so that I couldn’t even eat all of it, but I picked the drier parts off the top and it was pretty good (I probably finished 80% of it.) Next time I will get the dressing on the side. I know that Caesar dressing is high in calories and fat, and I’m sure this meal was over 1,000 calories and high in fat.

Dinner – I really wasn’t that hungry, so I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for dinner and then another shot of Ningxia Red.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but today felt very normal from an eating standpoint. Especially for coming off a cold. There are a lot more thoughts in my head that I need to process so look for more later this week. I’m looking forward to getting back to my exercise routine tomorrow.

Weigh In

Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale this morning. Overall, the results are pretty shocking – a total of 13.5 pounds lost in 5 days! It will be real interesting to monitor over the next week to see how much of this was water weight, but I’m happy nonetheless. I expected the dip in all the other stats, though the magnitude was greater than I expected. It will be really interesting to see how long it takes those to recover as well:

Category Today Daily Change 5 Day Change Goal
Weight 311.9 +0.4 lbs -13.5 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 39.2 +0.1 -1.7 <25 
Body Fat 40.4% +0.8% +4.4% <25%
Lean Mass 185.8 -2.2 lbs -22.3 lbs  76%-82% of weight
Body Water 42.7% -0.2% -0.3% 50%-65%
Muscle Mass 175.0 lbs -0.9 lbs -19.8 lbs  >35% of weight
DCI  3487 kcal +2 kcal -143 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 9.0 lbs 0 lbs -0.9 lbs n/a
VFR 20 0 +1 <12 


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