My challenge this week is to complete a 5 day cleanse. Today was the last day – it is hard to believe because it seemed to go by very quickly. As I mentioned yesterday, I have come down with a cold. Last night I had trouble sleeping as I was coughing quite a bit.

Dealing With a Cold

It certainly wasn’t my plan to come down with a cold, but I had to roll with it. I should have been doing more of this yesterday, but at least I got started this morning.

I had some Thieves cough drops (which have no sugar) and R.C. to help with breathing, I mixed about 4 drops of R.C. into a handful of Grapeseed Oil and rubbed it on my chest. Since I already had the mixture on my hands I also cupped my hands over my nose and mouth and did some deep breathing. This really helped open my sinuses and allowed me to breathe more deeply. I also set up our large room diffuser with about 6-8 drops of Thieves and let it run all day for everyone’s benefit.



Because of the cold, I said this morning that I would give myself free rein to eat whatever I felt like I needed to, but I was still going to do the 3 cleanse steps. Because I didn’t feel so great, and maybe also as a result of the cleanse, I really didn’t desire any food. Here is how the day went:

Breakfast – I had my Digest + Cleanse™, Pure Protein Complete shake, and my Ningxia Red around 10:00 (once I got to sleep, I slept in a bit.) I added two drops of Lemon, Frankincense, and Thieves to my Ningxia Red again to try to help with the cold.

Morning Snack – I had a tangerine to try to get some extra vitamin-C around 11:30.

Lunch – Around 2:00 I had my second Digest + Cleanse™, Pure Protein Complete shake, and my Ningxia Red.

Afternoon Snack – At 4:00 I really felt that I needed to have some food. I just wasn’t able to get down very much raw veggies so I made myself a can of vegetable soup. The can was vegetarian, gluten free vegetable soup and only had 3g of sugar, so not very much. I had half a serving (and it tasted very salty to me – why do we add so much sodium to everything.)

Dinner – Around 6:00 I had my final Digest + Cleanse™, Pure Protein Complete shake, and my Ningxia Red.

Evening Snack – Around 9:00 I had another half a serving of the vegetable soup. I wasn’t trying to restrict myself at this point – the soup just tasted really salty and I couldn’t eat anymore. I am really getting worried about what I will be able to (or want to) eat come tomorrow.

Weigh In

Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale this morning. I am definitely feeling concerned about the direction of my lean mass/muscle mass measurements. Since those are estimated based on body water though I would imagine that this cleanse is making it tough to measure. It will be interesting to check back in a week later and see where these go:

Category Today Daily Change 5 Day Change Goal
Weight 311.5  -3.7 lbs -13.9 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 39.1 -0.5 -1.8 <25 
Body Fat 39.6% +1.6% +3.6% <25%
Lean Mass 188.0 -7.3 lbs  -20.1 lbs  76%-82% of weight
Body Water 42.9% 0% -0.1% 50%-65%
Muscle Mass 175.9 lbs -8.1 lbs  -18.9 lbs  >35% of weight
DCI  3485 kcal -41 kcal -145 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 9.0 lbs -0.4 lbs -0.9 lbs n/a
VFR 20 +1 +1 <12 


I had to run to the grocery store this evening and I decided to buy some fresh meat to have on hand for tomorrow. I’m still not sure what I will want, but now I will have that as an option. I didn’t buy bread though, I bought whole grain crackers. I ended up getting some cajun roast beef and cajun chicken.



As I wrap up Day 5, I’m very glad I did this. Even though I got sick I made it through with only minor allowances. Tomorrow morning we will see what the final tally of weight is, and as I said, I will watch over the next week to see how much of the change is purely water fluctuation. It will also be really interesting to see how long it takes before my tastes get re-acclimated and I want more sugar, sodium, etc. I’m also thinking that an update to my plan restricting my sugar intake would be a good idea. Will sleep on that tonight and let everyone know in my recap tomorrow…


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