My challenge this week is to complete a 5 day cleanse. Day 4 was tough for me. It started with waking up multiple times in the night coughing and all day feeling like I have a cold. I’m pretty sure this isn’t symptoms from the cleanse – I think I have caught my daughter’s cold.


As a result of not feeling well today, I focused on having more snacks throughout the day:

Breakfast – I had my Digest + Cleanse™, Pure Protein Complete shake, and my Ningxia Red around 8:00. I added two drops of Lemon, Frankincense, and Thieves to my Ningxia Red to try to help with the cold. I also had an Emergen-C packet for the extra vitamin C.

Morning Snack – Around 11:30 I had 1 cup of fresh peas and a tangerine. The tangerine tasted very sweet to me – it is amazing how quickly our taste buds can get reset. Even the Ningxia Red is tasting very sweet now.

Lunch – Around 1:00 I had my Digest + Cleanse™, Pure Protein Complete shake, and my Ningxia Red.

Afternoon Snack – I had a cup of fresh carrots as well as some fresh broccoli and celery (a few pieces).

Dinner – Around 7:00 I had my Digest + Cleanse™, Pure Protein Complete shake, and my Ningxia Red.

Weigh In

Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale this morning:

Category Today Daily Change 5 Day Change Goal
Weight 315.2  -2.7 lbs -10.2 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 39.6 -0.3 -1.3 <25 
Body Fat 38.0% +1.7% +2.0% <25%
Lean Mass 195.3 -7.2 lbs  -12.8 lbs  76%-82% of weight
Body Water 42.9% -0.4% -0.1% 50%-65%
Muscle Mass 184.0 lbs -6.6 lbs  -10.8 lbs  >35% of weight
DCI  3526 kcal -31 kcal -104 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 9.4 lbs -0.3 lbs -0.5 lbs n/a
VFR 19 0  0 <12 

Body Heat Update

I wore my wool socks to bed (first time I have worn socks to bed ever) and I have been wearing them all day. I don’t feel as cold today though, so either the socks are doing the job or I’m getting past this issue.


Yesterday I posted some of my thoughts on what I hope to get out of this and today I had a really interesting conversation with my kids. They asked me ‘what food do you most want to eat when this is over?’ On day 1 I thought about where I would want to go to eat on day 6. I thought about a number of my favorite restaurants and foods and I think I settled on having a really good pizza. Today when they asked me that question though, I honestly said I don’t really want food. This is very interesting to me as I feel this is a big mental shift. I’ll write up a recap on day 6 to let you know what I end up doing.


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