Digest and CleanseI have never done a cleanse before and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. There isn’t a lot of information out there with details on exact procedures or much about how you will feel. Reading through some of the personal stories I found was helpful and I’m going to recap exactly what I’m doing each day and how I’m feeling along the way in the hope that it will be useful to others. I posted the general guidelines I’m following in the introductory post with some links to other blogs I read from people who did this cleanse.

Weigh In

At 7:00 a.m. I woke up and did my first weigh in – it will be really interesting to compare this challenge to the Exercise challenge I just copmleted. Here are the details from my iHealth Core wireless scale:

Category Today Goal
Weight 325.4 lbs 240 lbs
(NIH suggests 200)
BMI 40.9 <25 
Body Fat 36% <25%
Lean Mass 208.1 lbs  76%-82% of weight
Body Water 43% 50%-65%
Muscle Mass 194.8 lbs  >35% of weight
DCI 3630 kcal n/a
Bone Mass 9.9 lbs n/a
VFR 19 <12



I had the Digest + Cleanse™ capsule around 7:30 with a glass of water and then made the shake around 8:00 (30 minutes later.) After drinking the shake, I had 2 oz. of Ningxia Red and a large glass of water.

The capsule gave me a bit of a Peppermint aftertaste (much like when I add peppermint to my Ningxia Red). The shake tastes like a boxed vanilla milk that is watered down – not great, but it isn’t hard to drink. I’m sure it would be better with Almond Milk, but I’m not looking for taste. The morning went smoothly and I wasn’t really hungry, but I don’t normally eat much in the mornings. I kept a glass of water around and continually drank water all morning. Usually around 11-12 I start getting hungry so that will be interesting.


At Noon I had my second Digest + Cleanse™ capsule thinking I would eat around 12:30. I still wasn’t hungry and I was working and lost track of time. I didn’t end up having the shake until around 1:15, but I really still hadn’t felt all that hungry. I had 2 oz of Ningxia Red and another large glass of water. I’ve had to go to the restroom quite a bit more often than normal to get rid of all the water, but I still feel great. So far, I haven’t felt the need to have any of the optional snacks.


At 6:00 I had my third Digest + Cleanse™ capsule, then made up my shake at 6:30 and had 2 oz more of Ningxia Red. I was getting a little hungry and smelling the Chicken Pasta dish the kids were having was tough. Once I had the shake and more water though I really wasn’t hungry. Overall, I would say that day one was not that bad. I had a lot of energy and no headaches. I’m not seeing much in the way of ‘cleanse’ though. Maybe that will come tomorrow.

Nutrition Info

Here are the nutritional details from the packaging of each of the things I am taking:

Digest + Cleanse™

Digest and Cleanse Nutrition Info

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red Nutrition Info

Pure Protein Complete Vanilla Spice Shake

Pure Protein Nutrition Info

Final Thoughts

For those keeping track at home, this adds up to 570 calories. That is certainly a lot less than I am used to eating. The salad I had at Chick-Fil-A yesterday had 710 calories on its own. I would say a typical day is closer to 3,000. For me, I hope to gain a new reference point for the amount and quality of food that I consume. Just like the Exercise Program Challenge set a new bar for exercise, this will hopefully do the same for food for me.

While we are on the subject of exercise, I do want to point out that I will not be doing any strenuous exercise for the duration of the cleanse (as suggested). After I finished the exercise challenge I was excited to continue as I said. I took Saturday off, but then combined the Moov Now Cardio Boxing and the Tabata into one 30 minute workout that I did on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I plan to pick this routine back up after the cleanse is over.


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