When I started on this journey 40 days ago, I posted My Plan with some guidelines that I planned to follow. One of those guidelines was that I planned to give up soda.

My Plan

I have updated My Plan several times to add more details, but not having any soda has been a part of the plan from day one. Here is the quote:

Eliminate sugary drinks. I plan to give up soda and sweet tea entirely.

That doesn’t leave any room for negotiation. Going into this I knew that sugary drinks, soda, and sweet tea especially, were a big problem for me. I couldn’t stop with just one, having a soda just makes me want another one. I have been known to sit down and drink an entire 2-liter bottle of soda with a pizza. That is over 1,000 calories just in the drink – let alone that I probably ate the entire pizza as well.

Replacing Soda

I really thought that this would be my biggest challenge, but in reality, it has not been. As of now, I have made it 40 days without drinking a single soda. In fact, the only drink I have had other than water has been my Ningxia Red. I drink a lot of water now, but I fully attribute my success to starting every day with an ounce of Ningxia Red and then having another in the afternoon. I sometimes add a third one after dinner if I still have cravings. Ningxia Red is sweet and between that and the water, I just don’t crave the sugary drinks anymore.

Water and Ningxia


In the 40 days since I gave up soda, I have lost over 25 pounds. A big part of my success in addition to giving up soda are the 5-day challenges that I have been taking on.

Here’s to 40 more days…


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