I again want to thank everyone who has offered words of encouragement and support. It is so great to hear from everyone!

My wife has been on her own weight loss journey this year, she just hasn’t been as public about it. Hopefully, she will share her story on here sometime soon, but suffice it to say that she has been doing very well for several months and has lost nearly 30 pounds herself. As a result of all the attention I was receiving, she decided to put out a challenge to me to see which of us would be the first to lose 50 pounds. Next year is our 20th wedding anniversary and we have been talking about doing something special. We haven’t been able to agree on exactly what that would be, so she suggested the first person that hits 50 pounds will get to plan our celebration next year. Even though I’m starting out behind, I immediately took her up on the challenge.

Where Will We Go

Wish me luck!

Some of you have asked for more information on the Ningxia Red I mentioned so I updated the page with more details on how you can order some. My wife is a distributor for the company that makes it (Young Living) and will be happy to teach you about any of their products.

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