Hi, my name is Peter Schulz and I am fat. Overweight. Out of shape. Obese.

According to the Smart BMI Calculator, I am Extremely Obese, scoring 61 out of 70. My BMI is 43.1:

Smart BMI

According to that chart, somewhere around 220 pounds would barely get me to the green tier. That means I am over 100 pounds overweight.

It feels good to actually acknowledge that this is where I am. I am hoping that this will be the first step in doing something about it.


Some background about me:

  • I am currently 44 years old (born in 1972)
  • My height is 6′ 3″
  • My weight is around 345 pounds (official weigh in will be tomorrow morning)
  • I was overweight when I was a child, but really got into sports in 8th grade and stayed fit through college
  • In high school, I played on my school basketball team
  • I went to college at the University of Miami (the “U”) where I rowed on the Crew team – my rowing weight was around 170-180 pounds
  • I have a great, supportive wife and two wonderful daughters

Over the last 20 years, I have let myself go. There have been a lot of excuses over the years: I travel for my job, I work late, the kids are tiring, my job is stressful, etc. The bottom line is that I like to eat (and drink) things that are unhealthy for me and I don’t get enough exercise. The rest are just excuses…

In college, I had excellent trainers that taught me about nutrition, weight training, cardio, circuit training, etc. For me at least, the problem has never been one of not knowing what to do. It has always been that I am just not willing to make the right choices and prioritize myself.

My first challenge will be to give up soda. I drink too much soda and I know the empty calories are adding up. My goal is to make small changes that I can stick with and keep track of my progress.

If you are reading this and you have a similar story, you may be thinking what has changed? This week my oldest daughter turned 14 years old. I can no longer keep up with her on a basketball court, or in a gym, or a pool, or really just out for a walk. I want to be able to do those things. She deserves that. Both my daughters deserve that. My wife deserves that.

Join me on my journey and I will share my progress along the way.


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